A Valentine Remembrance

Valentine’s Day brings back the memory of our Dachschund, Yodel, a beloved member of  our Maine family for many years.

Nosey, Yodel’s first love, lived next door. Nosey would rise on her long legs and ring the doorbell whenever she wanted to come into the house.Yodel, a victim of his anatomy, could only stare at her longingly.

Several years later, a new family moved in with their St. Bernard, Heidi. Concerned about her size at first, we soon stopped worrying. Heidi’s owners never let her loose. This worked until Heidi came into season. With no regard whatever for the neighbors,  Heidi remained at home on a tight leash.The family appeared periodically to chase the male dogs away.

One day, I arrived home with an armload of groceries. Instead of greeting me, Yodel stayed quietly near the the laundry room back door as I unpacked the food. Sadly, his cheeks filled with slivers, Yodel appeared to have met up with a porcupine.

Frantic to reach the St. Bernard, Yodel had chewed his way through the bottom third of our flimsy wooden laundry room door in his single-minded attempt to reach Heidi.

Alas, poor Yodel.


Courtesy Wikimedia creative commons by daveynin(Flickr:2010 PA Kennel Assoc. Dog Show


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