Seattle, Birthplace of my Family Mystery



Arctic Club Seattle, Wendy Wiley Photo  Hans Pederson contractor

Just spent a week in stunning Seattle announcing the second edition of my book, Mysterious Builder of Seattle Landmarks Searching for My Father.

On every trip I learn more about Hans Pederson, the Danish pioneer builder of old Seattle. He died during the Depression when I was one month old.

The second edition, updated to include author reviews and an index, brought talks and  an interview with Bill Kenower, whose book, Fearless Writing, will help you to do just what the title suggests. Bill interviewed me,  to finish off a rainy week in Seattle before I flew to southern California to spend Thanksgiving in the sunny nineties among the palm trees with my daughter.




Here’s the announcement at the Book Publisher’s Northwest convention. Our little walrus on the front table stole the show. You can see a row of walruses on the book cover.  They guard the Arctic Club, the building my father built in 1917 as a home for his fellow prospectors on the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898.


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