Hans Pederson’s Denmark, Next Norway


We met the family of my Danish father Hans Pederson, near Odense and continued our Scandinavian cruise arriving at this imposing sight in  Norway’s harbor, Oslo.

We spent the morning in Oslo. In Frogner Park we toured the amazing Vigeland sculpture installation created by Gustav Vigeland. Norway’s most popular tourist attraction is filled with statues depicting people in various activities in all stages of life.. The most abstract one shows a man fighting off a horde of babies. These photos show others:



The Angry Boy, Courtesy Wikimedia Commons







The bridge between the main gate and the fountain with several statues













The Vigeland Monument, 46.32 ft. high, composed of 121 human figures courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Later in the morning we viewed the Olympic Ski Jump, awestruck at the skills mastered by cross-country skiers— Norway’s national sport.  No surprise that the sport brought Norway the 2018 Olympic gold medal


Holmenkollen Ski Jump, Oslo Norway Mathias Stang photo, courtesy Wikimedia Commons



























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