John Muir, Pioneer Northwesterner



John Muir courtesy Wikimedia Commons






John Muir, an influential Scottish-born American naturalist, author and environmental philosopher was an early advocate of U.S. wilderness protection.




He is known to many as the father of the National Parks and the Sierra Club


Yosemite National Park


Keep close to Nature’s heart and break clear, once in a while, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean.”

 John Muir


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  1. I’ve cared deeply about John Muir’s work forever and Wallace Stegner is among my favorite authors — have a few first editions. Thanks so much for underscoring Muir’s significance.

    Hope you won’t come North under all snow finally departs — nephew spend perfect skiing day yesterday at Stowe — not even Spring conditions so far. Stop in on your way North (as we always say).

    Jack headed for surgery for pinched spinal nerve which should be simple but anesthesia for 86 year old with a quirky heart and pacemaker is never a breeze! Cross fingers because it has been a painful siege. Mike doing awfully well, I hope? And you? We just take on the work of two sort of! Peace, Linda


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