Seattle’s Sunken Sidewalks

M.B. Henry is a military historian and poet who makes your heart ache as she brings fallen warriors to life along with those back home. My father-in-law used to quote Milton: “They also serve who only stand and wait.” She is also a general historian.

5) HP logo

my father’s sidewalk imprint (logo)


I’m reblogging her post about Seattle’s Underground Sidewalk Tour because this tour is part of my memoir. My Danish immigrant father Hans Pederson, a Klondike Gold Rush prospector, worked on the Seattle regrades where they tore the tops off the city’s hills to create a waterfront. He then not only built some the downtown sidewalks that sank, but also the ones that replaced them. His logo—his sidewalk imprint is shown here.

M.B. Henry carried me right back to subterranean Seattle in this blog!


“Well, you have to visit the Underground,” a friend told me over dinner last fall. It was just before I was due to take off for my first trip to Seattle. 1,456 more words

via The Seattle Underground — M.B. HENRY




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