A Writer for the Ages — E.B. White


E.B. White on the Maine coast with his dog Minnie courtesy Wikimedia commons 







I always learn from the timeless writing of E.B. White. I read Stuart Little at school as a child. Later on, Charlotte’s Web as a volunteer mom to a class of first graders. All my children loved The Trumpet of the Swan. 

This photo of White with his dog Minnie shows his love for animals and, I like to think, most everyone else..

Not just a kid’s writer, White’s book The Elements of Style (with Strunk),sharpened my own writing. White spent his adult life as a staff writer for the New Yorker.


Today’s media bombards us with never-ending negative copy that reminds me of White’s quote:

“One of the most time-consuming things to have is an enemy.”  

E.B. White


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  1. Maybe you’ll find some new family members to meet, you are still young I met my mother’s Ukrainian homesteading family at an Alberta reunion when I was 76. Eight years later, I hope this fall to meet descendants of my Danish father’s family in Snohomish WA. My motto is, It’s never too late!

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