Books from Maine to Seattle

Any writer who publishes a book these days, whether through an agent/publisher, self publishing, or hybrid—(a combination of the first two) soon learns that writing the book is just the beginning. Next comes marketing. Since 3,000 books a week are published, how will anyone notice yours?

I haven’t been at this for long, but I’m learning to keep an open mind. I’ve sold books at an art show, book clubs, a Shanghai American School reunion, bookstores, the Christmas in July Firehall Fair in Maine, library, cocktail party, radio interview, shoe store, and a Tai Chi class.


Waiting for the YMCA book group to arrive

Monday I went back to my old aerobics class at the YMCA. I wore my “I make stuff up” T- shirt that I bought at the Imprint Bookstore in Port Townsend WA. Here I am with Joanna Katz, Book Group President, who invited me to speak to the members. I’m holding my little walrus to represent the other walruses that circle the exterior of Seattle’s Arctic Club, probably my contractor father Hans Pederson’s best known building. Along the left side of my book cover you can see those walruses  guarding the Club, built in 1917 as a gathering place for  alumni of the 1898 Klondike Gold Rush to the Yukon. 100 years later, now a luxury Hilton Hotel. My book describes several wild and wooly pioneer adventures.

So if you like tales of immigrants, intrigue, mystery, family conflict, and changing times, just tap the Amazon button on the upper right of the page, or ask for MYSTERIOUS BUILDER OF SEATTLE LANDMARKS; Searching for My Father at your favorite bookstore.


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