Historical Christmas Trees

Historical Christmas Trees

Thank you Maria and Henry for visiting from Denmark and helping us to see our country with fresh eyes. Best wishes for Peace in the coming year.

From one Heart to Another

Visiting the Ronald Reagan Library at my recent tour to California we entered a room with decorated Christmas trees. At first, I thought it had to do with White House Christmas trees but it appeared that they each symbolized a decade of the U.S. history.

The Christmas tree was invented around the 1500s in Germany. In Denmark, we started to have Christmas trees in about 1800s.  I love history and found it very interesting and had a closer look at them. The Reagan Libray is situated one hours’ drive from Oxnard high on a hill near the ranch president Reagan owned. My latest posts are from our journeys to California.

The view from the Ronald Reagan Library

At the library, you follow Ronald Reagan’s personal story and political life and you can step into his Airforce One and feel the atmosphere. He always ordered the staff to make two chocolate cakes…

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    • Ditto to you Roger. Guess your Christmas will last one day longer thanks to Boxing Day—a day that has always intrigued me although I’m not certain what it is. A holiday from the holiday?

      • The 26th has an interesting history.
        Initially St Stephen’s Day and in some parts of Europe celebrated as the Second Day of Christmas.
        In the UK it’s a bit more secular, with origins in the 17th, 18th or 19th century depending on which historical source and region it was the today when by custom workers such as porters, messengers, delivery boys or men, servants, postmen etc would be given some gift or gratuity as a thanks for their service, ‘a Christmas Box’.
        When I was a lad back in the 1950s/ early 60s it was still customary to have milk delivery men, ‘bin’ men (refuse collectors) come to the door wishing you season’s greetings and be given money, mince pies or chocolates.
        Somewhere along the way it morphed into a extra day’s holiday, as confirmed by an Act of Parliament. Also by later custom it was a day for sporting events. If it falls on a Sunday ,then the Monday is deemed ‘Boxing Day’.
        These days it is also a day when folks having been forced to sit in on Christmas day rush out and start buying stuff…apart from milk or bread I can’t see the purpose myself.

    • Since Boxing Day was originally the 2nd day of Christmas I wonder if this is where the carol came from “On the ? day of Christmas my true love send to me………Would the 12th day of Christmas then be 12th night? I’ll have to take the time to look at those days. My knowledge of European history is hazy.

      On the day after Christmas here people also rush out to shop, mainly to exchange gifts they don’t want.

      So again, happy celebratory days, whatever they may be, to you folks.

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