Hans Pederson, Pioneer Seattle Contractor




I just spent a week in Seattle, joined by family and friends, to celebrate the coming publication of my memoir,

The Mysterious Builder of Seattle Landmarks The Search for my Father

The following link shows bits of the story, but only if you have access to Facebook, I’m learning.  https://www.facebook.com/mysteriousbuilder/

It rained some—what else do you expect in Seattle in March— still, the sun shone brightly for three days!  We took in lots of northwestern eye candy. Especially snow covered mountains and glaciers— Mt. Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula.  First a ferry through the islands to Victoria, then a pre-season tour of the beauteous Butchart Gardens,  a convivial dinner with Canadian kin at a craft brewery. Many totem poles that made us wish we had more time to learn about First Nation culture,  and a celebratory high tea. Later, after brunch at the Seattle Space Needle, we wandered slowly through the other-worldy Dale Chihully Glass Museum. Two of our younger members went hiking.

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    • Next week making a joint talk at the Davidson College Dean Rusk Center with a Chinese woman of practically royalty “Mothers and Daughters from Wartime China to the American Dream. “Davidson residents Paula Pederson and Anna Pai will discuss their memoirs, which focus on mother-daughter relationships tested by mid-20th century turmoil in the US and China. Both authors lived in China on the eve of World War II and spent the post-war period in the US. Their talk will touch on history, China, memoir-writing, and their fascinating, frustrating mothers.”

      Very different emphasis than Seattle, and very little time to think about this!

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