Northwest Immigrant Ancestors

A Danish couple that I met blogging have become good friends—in fact, my Danish  family. All you blogging travelers could learn much about Danish life, history, and European art, from (Maria is also an expert on baby care). Her husband, describes a wealth of family history. I wish I had the treasure trove of old photos that both of them have preserved.

My father, Hans Pederson, emigrated from Denmark to Seattle in 1860. Many unanswered questions remain from the research I’ve done on his life. At least until Henry joined me in the search. A genealogist, Henry found several articles about my pioneer father, well known in Denmark, and also my mother, in Danish newspapers. Next he looked into

Two pages are posted above from Henry’s recent 42-page blog documenting Hans Pederson’s family history from 1840 to 1949 in both Danish and English. I’m technically challenged and have problems with translation. But you can see from these pages what detailed histories you can find if you develop an interest in ancestry and genealogy.


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