An Expatriate Travels the London Underground


Just for laughs — this came to me as told by the granddaughter of a friend.


London Underground Station       Courtesy Wikimedia Commons


“So this friend of mine, a nursing student, was staying in the home of English friends to offer them a chance for a break and to help take care of their very large, aging herding-type dog. Two days after the owners left, she woke up to find that the dog had died during the night.


“She called the owners. They said they knew the dog was old, and there was little that could have been done to save him. They just asked if she could dispose of the body. So she called the vet whose name they had given her. Their only suggestion was that she bring the dog to them and they would take care of the disposition of his body. They gave her the address by identifying the Underground stop she should choose.

“After thinking for some time about how she would do this, she found an old but large suitcase in a closet, packed the dog up and headed for the underground stop closest to the home in which she was staying. She hauled the suitcase onto the subway, then hauled it off at the vet’s stop.

“She realized she would have to climb a set of stairs. So she braced herself for the weighty climb. When she was on the fourth step, a young man asked if he couldn’t help her. With great relief she said, ‘Yes, thank you so much.”

“He took the suitcase and ran down the stairs. She lost sight of him as he sped out the entrance.”

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