Canadian Writer, Alice Munro



Alice Munro, the noted short story writer from Canada, won the 2013 Nobel prize for literature.


Black Bear in the Canadian Rockies Barrison


One of her stories, The Bear Came Over the Mountain,  is about a man who loses his wife to Alzheimer’s Disease, then when he places her in a nursing home, finds that he may lose her to another man. You can read it in:…/the bear came over the mountain.

The story also explores how individuals react to their own aging, or to that of their partners.


Alice Munro recently said, “There’s something I think is growing on me as I get older: happy endings.”

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  1. Hi Paula, I am about to embark on a short story writing course, and I read this tonight, very timely. This story is so real, and poignant. Thanks for bringing my attention to this interesting author, I shall be researching further.

    • That link was to the New Yorker magazine. She has books of short stories, but I don’t know if they’ve been translated-maybe since she won the Nobel Prize. I’m sorry you couldn’t get the link.

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