Train Hair



Farrah Fawcett courtesy Wikimedia Commons


Little girls didn’t used to wear long straight hair or pony tails the way they do today. When I was a child, my mother tried to curl my hair a la Shirley Temple. When it didn’t work, she braided it into pigtails.

Unless I’ve just been newly-coiffed by the hairdresser, my tresses can be unruly.At the railroad station one day I took the train from Portland, Maine to Boston. Fir trees soon gave way to tired buildings along the tracks.

Immersed in a book, I tried to ignore the buzz of negativity coming from the women in the seat behind me as they went over someone on their blacklist until one said, “Her hair is so eighties.”

Wooo. Eighties hair? What was it? Did I have sixties hair? Seventies hair? Nineties hair?

Just one more example that I had fallen behind the times.


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