Maine’s First Ship

Photo Credit; Wikimedia Creative Commons, Attribution Peter Isotalo

Photo Credit; Wikimedia Creative Commons, Attribution Peter Isotalo

In 1607, the Virginia colony extended from Maine to Virginia. When Britain’s Queen Elizabeth came to Jamestown Virginia to celebrate the Virginia colony’s 400th anniversary in 2007, she skipped the Northern part of the colony at Popham Beach Maine.

The Popham settlers, preceded the Jamestown, VA group, but decided Maine was too cold. They built the first ship in North America, the Virginia, (simpler than this one) and sailed it right back to England. So the Jamestown Virginia settlers made the claim that theirs was the first permanent settlement on the East Coast.

Popham, feeling slighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2007, held their own 400th anniversary celebration on the beach. They are still celebrating. The organization, Maine’s First Ship, has been raising funds to reconstruct the Virginia. A crew of volunteers is planning, planing, planking, fairing, framing, clamping, and trying to explain to the rest of us in their newsletter the techniques of constructing an early 17th century sailing ship.

They’ve done their research, and they are building the ship. And when they’re done, they hope to sail Maine’s First Ship, The Virginia, right down the James River to Jamestown Virginia.

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