Be a Pioneer, Keep Trying

Courtesy Wiki Commons

Courtesy Wiki Commons

Immigrants bring strength to North America. Pioneers, they are willing to begin again.

Our lives last longer than they used to. While many of us retain strength as we age, not all of us manage to keep our optimism.

My aunt, who spent many summers in Maine, eventually lost interest in coming. “All my friends are dead,” she’d say. Whenever controversy threatened, she’d throw the back of her hand to her forehead and announce, “I’ve lived too long.”

On cue we’d respond, “Of course you haven’t. We’re so glad you’re still here with us.”

Yet her optimistic friend, who’d lost his eyesight, sat in his living room and listened to books on tape. He refused to go to funerals. Whenever I’d stop in for a visit, he’d say, “Just keep going. When your old friends die, go on out and make new ones.”

A Chinese lady, who spent World War II under house arrest in the Philippines, is the bravest lady I know. After the Japanese assassinated her husband, she kept a household of compatriots together until the war ended. They later immigrated to New York, and started all over. Many of them became wildly successful, setting examples and giving back to their communities that had helped them when they needed help..

On her 107th birthday this lady expressed her philosophy: “Take no medicine, eat all the butter you want, and never look back.”

So just keep going.

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